Cheque Standards

Cheque standards adhere to the Canadian Payment Association (CPA 006).  If your cheques do not meet these standards, please contact your bank to have them replaced.


Front of Cheque

MICR Cheque Facsimile with numbers2









  1. Date
  2. Customer / Company Name and Address
  3. Name of the payee
  4. Amount in Words (Legal Amount)
  5. Amount in Figures
  6. Bank Name and Address
  7. Memo
  8. Signature
  9. MICR

Back of Cheque

Back of Cheque with numbers







  1. Payee Endorsement Area
  2. Payee Bank Endorsement Area (Teller Stamp)
  3. Additional Endorsement Area


  • Cheque size must be within the range from 7” (length) x 2.75” (height) to 8.75” (length) x 3.667” (height)
  • Cheque paper sizes and characteristics are required to comply with ANSI cheque standard No. X-9
  • Image Exchange – X9.100-187